Students @ Bridgeway


We have students!  We’re a little further from the town centre than some other churches, but Bridgeway church is excited to be a family to students who come to Manchester to study.  We’re keen to make sure that the Uni years are not only useful in directing your life towards a career, but in discipling you as a follower of Jesus.

Yes there’s lots of glitzy student ministries, but Bridgeway offers you a family, a home away from home.  When you’re tired of dorms & pot noodles, you could actually have a nice lunch with a family in a real house!

Here is what is on for Students:

  • Lifts to our Sunday gathering for any students who need them. Make sure to email if you need a lift
  • Regular lunches with families in the church
  • A one on one mentor for your time in Uni on request.
  • Opportunities to serve and grow as student partners of the Bridgeway Church with a view to be apart of a long term gospel movement in Greater Manchester.

We also want to make sure you are supported and sent onto your campus as a missionary.  In conjunction with CU’s our desire is that Jesus might use you to speak and show his goodness while you get your degree.  After that, we’re hoping you’ll catch on to the vision of following Jesus in Greater Manchester, and helping to build God’s kingdom through Bridgeway Church as you build your life in this great city.