Colossians 1 Who is this Jesus?

10 April, 2016
10 Apr 2016

Today Glynn preached from Colossians speaking on who Jesus is, Lord of the universe, Lord of our lives and Lord of the Church.

Genesis 19 Biblical Views on Sex

2 March, 2016
02 Mar 2016

Today Kirk preached from Genesis 19, revealing from the text what happened with Lot having sex with his daughters resulting in children. The text shows us that God’s people can certainly get things wrong when it comes to sex. There is a right view of sex as is revealed in God’s word.

Genesis 19 God’s Great Mercy

24 February, 2016
24 Feb 2016

Today Kirk preached from Genesis 19, showing from the text, God’s great mercy towards His people. We are challenged to consider the sin within our own city, and are we speaking out against the sin of our own city?

Genesis 18 Nothing is too Hard for God

9 February, 2016
09 Feb 2016

Apologies, this weeks sermon is missing the first 15 minutes of audio.

Today Kirk preached from Genesis 18 where the LORD promised Abraham that he would have a child to Sarah, who was very old. Sarah laughed in disbelief and God asks, is anything too hard for the LORD?

We are challenged to ask ourselves do we ever doubt that God can do all things? And to trust in Him, our perfect God.

Isaiah 6 Only God is Holy

31 January, 2016
31 Jan 2016

Today Matt preached from Isaiah 6, speaking on Isaiah’s vision of our Holy God. The text shows how overwhelmed Isaiah became in God’s presence, aware of his own sin. The text also shows God’s mercy upon Isaiah, ultimately found in the person and sacrifice of Jesus Christ, which drives Isaiah to proclaim God’s word so let’s fix our eyes on the majesty, holiness and glory of God.

Luke 14 The Most Humble Guest

28 January, 2016
28 Jan 2016

Kirk today preached from Luke 14, the text shows Jesus at a party hosted by Pharisees, the text reveals Jesus’ humble attitude towards the religious Pharisees and how He dealt with them. Further throughout the text we see, the words Jesus spoke to them. Jesus continues to teach others to humble themselves before men and also reveals deeper insight into who would truly inherit the kingdom of God.

Luke 13 The Narrow Path

19 January, 2016
19 Jan 2016

Today Glynn preached from Luke 13, speaking on Jesus’ words regarding how few would be saved and also His response to the Pharisees. The Christian life has been described as a long obedience in the same direction and we must not get distracted from the direction God wants us to go. Jesus spoke of a narrow door and that we must strive to enter it and Jesus said that He is that narrow door. The Bible is clear that God is the one who saves us but that we are also responsible for ourselves. We must strive to follow Jesus, fighting against worldly desires of the flesh and using the power of The Holy Spirit to follow God on that narrow path. There will be a final judgement, along with the return of Christ. Some who believe they belong to God will be told in those last days that He never knew them and the door will be forever shut against them. We especially need to remember we are called to follow Jesus in response to His overwhelming love for us, in that while we were His enemies, He died for us. Christ’s is a love that’s infinite and everlasting.

You Must Be Ready Luke 12

3 January, 2016
03 Jan 2016

Today Kirk preached from Luke 12 speaking on the words of Jesus, how we need to be ready for his return, how he will come unexpectedly, not overbearing in his return but rather as a joyous return! We are reminded to encourage one another of the truth that Jesus IS coming back, that despite the groaning of our flesh, Jesus WILL return and wipe away every tear.  We must expect people not to like or even listen to our message that Jesus is coming, this will bring division. We must put away all bitterness, wrath, anger, slander and malice to exchange it for the tender mercies of Christ. God shows no partiality, as we enter a new year we need to be ready to repent of any self righteousness and sin and prepare for the coming of Christ, praying for and striving to live a life that glorifies our saviour and perfect serving master!

The Blessed and the Wicked Psalm 1

27 December, 2015
27 Dec 2015

Today Kirk preached from Psalm 1 showing in the text the contrast between the blessed and the wicked. Being blessed in the Hebrew send is a term of favour, approval and a state of well being. We’re questioned to consider what we’re looking for, who we’re standing with and are we comfortable with the things that God hates? There is a path you can walk which mocks God. We should delight in God’s word above all things, it is the light in which we see light. Do you delight in God’s word? God’s word should find a place in us, with every thought held captive for Christ. Let us not just be Bible readers but those who love the Word of God.

The Gifts of Christmas ( Joy) Isaiah 9

26 December, 2015
26 Dec 2015

This morning Kirk preached from Isaiah 9, showing the prophetic news of Jesus within the text, which is described as a joyous occasion, indeed, within the context of the time of Isaiah but also as joyous to those who receive the good news of Jesus now. The Bible speaks often of joys and if God comes into somebody’s life, the result is joy! God’s promise seen in Isaiah, is that in the midst of gloom and darkness, pain and suffering we can live in hope that Jesus will one day put an end to death and mourning and bring us into everlasting joy with Him. His kingdom is coming but often we try to build our own kingdoms, choosing our own way over God’s, believing we don’t need a good ruler but instead ruling badly over our own lives. God shows us however, through His word, that we do need Him to rule and that His kingdom is better and true joy can only be found in him.